Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grow Your Own Miracles

(Reprinted from original website,
22 October 2007

Sometimes miracles come in small packages. Sometimes they are enormous. But one thing they have in common is the smile they bring to the recipient's face. Another thing they have in common is that one begets another, so long as the first miracle is met with gratitude and delight. Miracles ignored fade away. Feed your miracles with smiles and water them with tears of gratitude, and you will surely yield a bountiful harvest of miracles. Also it doesn't hurt to share your miracles, large and small, with others. You never know when your story will encourage others to believe in miracles. Never mind if your miracle story is met with contempt or disbelief. Just go about your day. You will eventually find someone who can rejoice with you in your miracle, and thereby become a recipient of that miracle as well.

Can't think of any miracles in your life lately? Then read about miracles happening in other people's lives. If you rejoice in the miracles of others, you'll soon be growing your own miracle garden. I encourage you to visit Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe's" website and sign up for her miracle newsletter.

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