Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Magical Moments

(Reprinted from an undated journal entry from c. 2005-2006)

Evergreen trees lining both sides of the country road clutch at the low-lying clouds and wrap themselves in them as with a shawl. Moist air presses against my cheeks, softening my thoughts, turning them towards other moments in time similar to this one. I realize that this is one of my favorite experiences in life. This one. Right now. I have chosen to live in a part of the country that gives me the opportunity to have this experience several times a year. They never occur in midwinter or summer. Both of those points in time are too extreme to allow this softening of weather, where it is neither hot for cold, only blissfully cool and moist.

I realize also that I may be the only person in the world, though I truly suspect not, that has this experience of elation at times such as these. This experience never fails to get my attention. Never fails to wake me from the dream of daily life, reminding me that right now in this moment, I am utterly and joyfully alive and happy.

In the twenty-five years I lived in Florida, not once did I experience this feeling in my given daily environment. It was not until I first ventured away from the tropics that I discovered this joyful union with nature that I now know to be integral to my existence. It seems to go hand in hand with living in or near mountains or foothills in cooler climates. I would not trade the magic of these moments for anything.