Thursday, February 16, 2012

Helping Others

Not everyone in the world who needs help needs YOUR help. Sometimes they need to learn to help themselves or be referred to others better qualified or not as emotionally attached. We can not only take on too much, but we can take on the wrong assignments. Wisdom is needed to know which assignments are beyond your human jurisdiction.

Those of us in the helping business sometimes get caught in the trap of thinking that just because there is a need that it is our job to fulfill it. There comes a time when helping someone actually hurts them and ourselves. Perhaps it's because there is a life lesson that needs to be learned, or perhaps you are unqualified to meet the need. I don't mean refusing to feed a starving child or leaving an abandoned kitten/puppy stranded by a busy road. That sort of need you just address immediately in the moment. But rescuing the abandoned and feeding the hungry in the moment may then require that you turn them over to someone in a better position to help on an ongoing basis.