Saturday, March 17, 2012

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Angels are everywhere and they are not restricted to one faith or religion. Although I moved beyond that tradition decades ago, I first encountered angels when I was very involved in Charismatic Christianity in the seventies. I had an experience when I was a teenager, where one of my guardian angels appeared to me in human form and changed my tire when I was rather stuck and didn't know how exactly I was going to go about changing it. I knew how to change a tire pretty much, but I had never done it, and it was a bad place to be changing a tire anyway. I sent up a very complicated prayer to heaven that went something like this, "Help!" You might want to write that down in case you ever need it. It comes in handy, and its rather like hitting the panic buzzer without the panicking bit. The panicking part doesn't help anyway, so just stick to the script and you'll do fine.

Almost immediately after sending up this complicated prayer, a young man with long blondish hair pulled back in a ponytail (this was the seventies, remember), came walking up to me and my sister, who was with me at the time. As he got close, this clean-cut, hunky, hippy-ish looking young man says "You ladies need some help?" Totally relieved and feeling completely at ease with this young man (that's your first indication that it might be an angel), I said something to the effect of "yes, I have a flat tire!" I don't remember what exact words he used, but he assured me that all was well and that he'd be glad to change my tire. I opened the trunk to give him access to the spare tire and jack, and then faster than I've ever seen anyone change a tire before, my car was ready to go and the stuff was back in the trunk again. I was amazed that he'd done it so quickly. I asked him what I owed him and he waved that off and said, "Nothing." Then I said, "Well, at least let me give you a paper towel so you can wipe off your hands." He said, "No need!" and held up sparkling clean hands so I could see for myself. His hands were indeed not just clean, but sparkling clean.

Now I've changed a few tires in my day since then, and I've watched plenty of other people change them too. There's no way without wearing gloves, and this fellow didn't have any of those on him, that you could walk away from changing a flat tire without getting your hands dirty. It's impossible. He also didn't have anything with him, like a backpack or satchel, where he could have stowed anything that would have cleaned his hands instantly. I looked at him in great surprise and thanked him profusely. He bid us farewell and started walking on up the road. I turned to look at my equally incredulous sister, who was standing nearby. We were both stunned and thankful simultaneously that this handsome young man had appeared out of nowhere to rescue us. When we looked back in the direction he was walking, he had vanished completely, and there was no place for him to have gone where we wouldn't have seen him walking away. It was completely impossible, and yet it had happened. My sister and I then looked back at each other and said, "Oh my God, that was an angel!"

We knew right away that we had been blessed with a miraculous encounter and were pretty dazed by it. I don't even remember spending a lot of time discussing it. It was too amazing to wrap my brain around at the time. We were on our way home or to some spiritual event--either a church service or something else, but the most spiritual experience by far was this encounter with an angel. It wasn't until years later, when I started studying angels by reading books by Doreen Virtue, that I discovered that my tire-changing angel was none other than Archangel Michael, and that he is one of my guardian angels. I've seen him in bodily form one other time since then, but that is another story to be told later. I have been working with the angels since 2002, when I started reading Doreen Virtue's books. Later I attended an angel workshop in Sacramento, California, and knew then that one day I would attend her Angel Therapy Practitioner® training. I finally did so in 2006 at Dana Point in California. That too is another story and can wait for now.

This blog was meant to be a reminder that angels give us signs and sends us messages frequently. One of the ways they do this is via numbers. Have you ever noticed that certain numbers keep jumping out at you? Maybe it's a mile marker or a time on a digital clock or a date. Wherever you are seeing this frequent repetition of numbers, rest assured that it is no coincidence. The angels use numbers and other signs to send us messages, but we have to pay attention to those signs in order to receive the full benefit from them. Once you start paying attention, you can receive a steady stream of numbers to guide you in the moment. How do you know what the numbers mean? Well, it helps that Doreen Virtue has compiled a collection of number meanings that she channeled from the angels. You can find those numbers in the book, Angel Numbers 101, published by Hay House. I keep a printed copy by my bed and have the Kindle edition handy too. I highly recommend the book and paying attention to numbers and other signs coming from heaven that you are not alone in this world. There are angels all around, waiting to assist you, not only to figure out your life purpose, but also to help you to fulfill it.

You weren't dumped on earth with no compass, maps, or friends to help you on this journey called life. The universe has provided you with all these and more. All you have to do is to start looking for them, and they will magically appear in the most unexpected places: inside you and right beside you. You don't really need a map though, since you came equipped with a spiritual GPS. The truth about you and your life purpose is programmed into your soul.  Now that you've read this article, you know the secret, so get ready to have your mind blown by the wonderful internal compasses, hardware, and software that comes standard with every human body. Start looking for signs. They are everywhere, just waiting for you to notice them and receive a fresh download of energy and information from the divine realm. Signs are rather like energy pellets in a computer game. They can give you a sudden energy boost or provide you with a new tool or message that will help you to continue you on your path.

Start by opening your eyes. Not just your physical eyes. Your spiritual ones too. You'll begin to see some truly mind-blowing stuff all around you. Are you ready for it? If you don't know how to make this happen, you can start by simply asking the angels to reveal themselves to you. You might not have an angel appear immediately to change your tire, particularly if you aren't in need of that at the moment, but something will happen. Something that is not quite normal for your life experience. Or maybe it is normal, but you haven't been paying attention. You don't even have to believe in angels to ask for their help. You only have to be open to the possibility that they exist, so go ahead. Ask for a sign from the angels that they do indeed exist and that they are nearby to help whenever you need to figure something out. They don't always appear in person and perform manual tasks. They are messengers and helpers, not servants who do your work for you. They usually send you a sign or a message that helps you figure out what you need to do or learn next. Or they provide you with directions to get you to your next objective in life. It's never too late to ask for their help. It's never too soon either, so stop right where you are and send up one of those complicated prayers like "Help!" Then give them a chance to respond to you. You'll be thankful you did.