Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lady of the Lake

Walking in a golden glade,
enjoying morning devotions.
Gentle rhythm of the words,
keeping time with my motions.
Homage to the Lady of the Lake,
who brings light and healing potions.
Sending out rivers of love,
that feed into the oceans.

Hail to the Lady of the Lake,
rising from mists mysterious.
Hail to the Triple Goddess,
dispatching help imperious.
Hail to feminine mirth.
Don't make life so serious.
Sing and dance under the moon,
dissolving all that is deleterious.

© 2012 Beth Mitchum
I wrote this poem as a response to the dream I had last night under the energy of the full moon. I dreamed that I was walking to a well in a wooded area. In a clearing in the woods, the fallen leaves cast a golden glow all around the area. As I drew water from the well in the wood, I could hear and feel myself chanting. The only words that came through clearly were "the Lady of the Lake." I feel as though this is another answer to the question I asked of the angels the other night about what entities were nearby, helping me along my spiritual path. I keep getting messages that I am surrounded by ascended masters, angels, archangels, and deities. I am aware of a lot of angels and archangels, but I am curious who the ascended masters and deities are who are guiding and helping me to fulfill my divine purpose in this lifetime. I have gotten two clear answers in different dreams. I've also been getting info from oracle cards. What a magical journey!