Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Healthy Seeds and Gardening Practices Make for Healthy Gardens

We plant carrot seeds and expect carrots to grow. Yet when we plant fear and meanness in our lives, we're astonished when that's what we get in return. Why are we so surprised when we reap what we sow in our lives, but not what we sow in our gardens? What are we as human beings but gardens plowed and ready for seeds?  Plant healthy relationship seeds and water them with love. Plant healthy body seeds and water them with love. Plant healthy money thoughts and attitudes and water them with love. If you spot a weed growing in the midst of the healthy plants, remove it gently with love, because it too has a contribution to make, a lesson to teach. Spraying it wildly with toxic chemicals out of fear endangers the good stuff too. Healthy organic gardening requires time and attention to yield nutritionally complete foods. Why do we expect it to take less attention and nurturing to yield good results in our lives?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Commit to Making a Positive Difference

Have you ever noticed that in an emergency situation--tornado aftermath, hurricanes, floods, etc.--people don't waste time complaining about the situation? They just get to work to make the situation better to the best of their present ability, and most people who get to work don't limit the help to themselves only. They get to work on behalf of their neighbors too generally, particularly those un
able to do the work themselves. We know in these circumstances that complaining will never solve the problems. Why do we forget this when it comes to every day issues? Why don't we all try skipping the bitching for a change and go right to problem solving? Do what you can every day to make the world a better place right where you stand. If each of us did that, no matter our abilities or disabilities, the world would be a better place. Let's start today. Find something in your immediate world/environment and make it better. No complaints. No blame. Simply take some kind of action to improve the situation given your present abilities.

I decided to start a special website to encourage making positive changes in our worlds. I refer you to:

Feel free to comment or write to let me know about the creative ways you find to help in situations you thought might be hopeless or simply somebody else's responsibility.