Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reincarnating Cats

 It all started with Sandy, a cream and white Norwegian Forest Cat I adopted in 1986 from a litter of three. He was my first cat during my adult years. I loved that very unique and unusual guy so much that when he died after sharing only eight years of life with me, I asked his spirit immediately to come back to me if he wanted to as soon as he could, because I wanted to be his mommy all over again. Boy was I surprised when he showed up two weeks later in an eight-week-old kitten's body! Say what? Yep, don't even try doing Spirit math. It's way more interesting than anything you ever did in school. Just go with it. The picture below is the second incarnation, Dustin, who has now been reincarnated into Li'l Grey. I'm helping Li'l Grey to write his memoirs. Eventually the book will be published under the title, The Tales of Three Kitties.

Good Choice of Reading Material, Dustin!

At the time this photo was taken, Dustin's best friend, Bingo, was quite sick after battling two cancerous cysts. I guess he decided he'd better brush up on his metaphysics so he could coach his brother for the in-between-bodies transition stage(the book is The Realms of the Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue). Bingo made it back to us too and is now my boy Bootsy. I gave him elaborate instructions about his reappearance in my life while he was on the other side of the veil. He carried them out to a T and added a few creative embellishments of his own.