Sunday, December 8, 2013

Love is a Present Gift

No matter how much it may feel otherwise at times, where there is love, there can be no permanent loss. Not in suffering; not even in death. If someone comes into your life for a long time or only a short while, there will come a time when you or they will have to leave. It doesn't matter how or why they leave. They have to leave because they have played the role they were meant to play in your life and now that role has been fulfilled. It was meant to be that they were present when they were present. That time was a gift. Treat it as such. Gifts are not rights. They are moments of grace. When the time comes that they have to leave, open your arms and release them just as you opened your heart to receive them.  Both are choices. The love that was there is never lost because love is never lost. 

Lessons are simply learned and life moves on to the next level. How well we learned that lesson is determined by whether the next lesson is exactly the same as the last one. There will be another lesson, to be sure. Hopefully it will be one that builds on the last, rather than one that repeats it. However, even if you have to repeat a lesson, be grateful for the second chance. Embrace it as part of life and part of why we are here. We are all here on this earth to learn to love. Even when life hands us a million reasons not to love. 

We are all of us are here to teach about love, one way or another. Some of us teach those lessons by being the embodiment of love. Some of us teach those lessons by being the challenge to love. None of us is perfect, so generally we are both at different times in our lives. We become love's impediment and life's challenge when we lose sight of the fact that we ARE love. We become the embodiment when we remember to relax into love as a way of being.

No matter what, embrace the lesson love is trying to teach you. Release the grief when you are able, so you can embrace the love that is the true gift, the true lesson. That love is not lost, if the lesson is learned, no matter how much the situation has changed. If you keep your heart open, it is always real, and new lessons on love will come into your life. Love will always flow into your life. The only way you can dam the flow of love into your life is by choosing to close your heart to it through unforegiveness or regret (which is unforgiveness of yourself). Open your heart and let the grief out so love of all kinds can flow back in. Even if the loss feels completely unjust. It isn't about what happened in the past. It's about love of all kinds that is all around you, waiting for you to let go of what was and embrace what is. 

Unforgiveness of yourself or another will only become a roadblock to love in the future. It doesn't matter what happened. It doesn't matter what THEY did or what YOU did. It only matters what you do with the lesson. All lessons on earth are about love. Love is always in the forever present. No matter how much it may change, there is always a choice to be made to give love or withhold it. Give as much love away as you can, but be sure to give it to yourself first. Forgiveness of another or of yourself is sometimes the most important way to give love to yourself. Forgive. Release. Love.   

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Must-Read Book for All Earth Angels & Lightworkers

I'm reading this book right now, and I can't read very far because I have to let it soak in. I'm about halfway finished, but probably will never really be finished completely with the learning and applying, but I'm working on it. If you're like me, you've probably read articles and/or books on assertiveness, but Doreen's approach is angel-inspired and earth-angel centered. The truth of it is liable to keep smacking you in the forehead, although in a loving manner of course. I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Troubled Hearts

Reprinted From

Be still, troubled hearts. 
Tumultuous times abound.
Peace is found within.

© 2013 Beth Mitchum (haiku)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Angel Allies

Ya just gotta love angels. My housemate lost her school keys before school started this summer. She ended up having to get another set from the office so she'd have what she needed for the school year to access her classroom, etc. Then this morning she couldn't find her replacement keys. I knew she had to find them before her planning period was over, so when she showed up at the house again, I got up and started looking around, asking the angels in my head where they were. They said, "In the car."

"Okay, so where in the car?"

"In between the seats." I'm seeing in my head an image of them being deeply wedged and mostly under the driver's seat.

So I looked around inside the house some more (really?) and then went out to the car to start looking. I went right to where they were and could see something that looked like the lanyard the old ones had been on, but I was having trouble reaching them. I tried crawling in through the backseat. I couldn't even see them from back there, much less reach them. Then I went back to the front and still couldn't get them. I sent up a prayer that they would bring them to the surface so I could reach them. On the next attempt, I was able to dig down enough to grab the tiniest bit of lanyard that allowed me to pull them up with some difficulty. The first time I'd tried that, one of my rings had gotten caught in the tight space and had slipped off my finger. It didn't go anywhere though because it was so tight, it simply wedged there. That illustrates how tight the space was between the seat and the console. Anyway, that second time, I did actually snag them and bring them the rest of the way to the surface. As I suspected when I'd spied the bit of lanyard, they were the original keys. My housemate was all set then and headed off to work where she found the second set of keys too, which she will be returning to the office in case her first set ever decides to go AWOL again. Yay, angels! You rock!

So if you ever need help finding your keys (or anything else), try asking the angels rather than ripping out your hair or getting angry at yourself or someone else. I have to warn you though that you'll need to quiet your mind so you can hear and/or see their answer in your mind. Angels don't generally shout, although you can ask them to if you're having difficulty hearing them. Now lest you think I simply "remembered" seeing them there at some point, bear in mind that I have not been on that side of the car since the last time I drove it many months ago, long before the keys went missing. I couldn't have remembered them. When I asked them, the angels showed me and told me where they were. Still don't believe? Hmm. That's your loss then because angels are hanging around each of us waiting to be of service so we can do what we came here to do and make a difference in the world. I recommend that you cultivate a friendship with them so you'll recognize the voice of a friend when you need it most. They're there to help with the huge stuff and the little stuff.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Under the Circumstances

Evil is a mirage we choose, individually and collectively, to believe in until we finally see it for the illusion it truly is. Love is the only reality and the only course offering for the curriculum of Earth School. The sooner we embrace this truth, the sooner we graduate from being a student to being a teacher. How many times have you been asked how you are doing? How many times have you answered, "I'm doing okay, under the circumstances?" This is a truer assessment of our situation that we care to admit. We do feel that we are "under the circumstances" while we are grappling with these life events. What we avoid answering is who put the circumstances on top of us in the first place? The truth we don't want to face is that we are the very ones who decided that it was okay for us to remain "under the circumstances" in our lives. Yet we have the power every minute of every day to choose not to remain subject to the circumstances that are in our lives presently. We have the power to choose something different, something other than what we currently experience with our senses. The sooner we start living as though this is true, the sooner we can begin to live on a plane of existence that is above and beyond the obstacles that we call life. Some people are already making these choices every day.

Now take the word evil and replace it with any of the following words: illness, disease, loneliness, lack, war, genocide, murder, rape, theft, child abuse, domestic violence, etcThe same is true of these more specific versions of what we think of as evil or at least something that it not good. Some may dispute including the word loneliness, but these words and so many more have one thing in common--the belief that something exists in this world that separates us from the truth of the universe, that separates us from the reality of Love. That is what places all of them in the same group, and that is what leads us to believe that evil exists within Love or God, if you so choose to call it that.

You may call Love by the name of God, Goddess, Tao, the Universe, the One, the Ground of our Being, or any other moniker you choose. This unity of Being, even if you see it merely as It-ness, is all-encompassing and appears both to include evil, in its myriad forms, and exclude it. In order to understand any of this, you have to set aside your preconceived notions of individual deities. I'm not talking about divisive religious deities, over which wars have been fought, though they all play a role in the many thousand faces of the Divine. I am talking about a oneness that exists beyond the many-faceted divinity of religious beings. Within this oneness, "evil" and its many faces may manifest, but it doesn't actually exists outside of the plane of incarnations. Evil is only one of the faces of opposites--the yin and yang-ness of the world. Good is the opposite. They both exist as contrasts to each other and both lead us to the truth of Love. Both exist as an experience within this fleshy plane, but outside of this plane, there is only Love. So while all of these human conditions, including what we call evil, exist as an experience to teach us, none of these experiences are real themselves. Love is the only eternal reality here. Evil, along with all these other experiences or circumstances, exist as individual and collective experience mirages that serve only to teach us about the one true reality of Love. When our pulse ebbs away, Love will be waiting on the other side. None of these experiences will remain. They will disintegrate like a bad dream where we awaken to a day of bright sunshine and unspeakably beauty.

If you're familiar with Joseph Campbell's work, The Power of Myth, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, or any of his other works, then you know that within our many cultures, the same basic story is told over and over again of a hero--male or female--who goes forth from his or her tribal home and learns many great and wondrous things and experiences various trials and tribulations before returning home radically changed. Although the circumstances that befall each of these heroes may be different, the truth is the same. What is brought back by the hero, whether a magical talisman or merely a story, is a transformative experience that changes not only the hero's way of moving through the world, but it also offers the boon of truth to those who remained behind. That boon offers the others a chance to experience the same transformative journey without leaving home. We do not, after all, take our hero's journeys at the same time, lest we all vacate the planet at once, and that may happen yet. However, in the normal course of things, each of learns this truth at the moment in time when we are ready to receive it.

Some of you who are reading this right now, might easily grasp the reality of the human experience from reading these words. Some may see the iceberg tip of this truth, but they may not be ready to let go just yet of the drama that we call life. Others will find these words to be utterly incomprehensible. Their truth, and perhaps even their existence, will be hidden from some because the psyche is simply not ready to encounter these concepts. This is, I think, why Jesus spoke in parables to the hordes  who followed him, saying "Let him (her) who has ears to hear, let him (her) hear." So if you are reading this and you are not meant yet to understand, then you will not understand and you are likely never even to see this post. On the other hand, when you are ready to hear, when you are ready to see, when you are ready to understand, you will. Other metaphysical thought teaches us that "when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear." Although at some point each of us will take this journey ultimately at the moment of our death, when soul separates from body, we can experience at least part of the truth of it now while in this flesh. Whether you do or not will determine largely how often you live on top of the mountain and how often the mountain (of life's circumstances) lives on top of you.

Rest assured that this truth is not new. Ancient wisdom reappears in the garb of each new age in order to find a new audience. Already many metaphysicians and teachers are present in this society, and they are spreading this truth wherever they can, to whoever will listen. They all bear part of the overall truth they are sharing with the world. They are becoming Master Teachers who are sharing the boons they have received from the hero's journeys they've taken already. One of the most amazing things about the universe is that there is no limit to the number of hero's journeys we can take. However, each journey should bring us back to the same place of Love, the same place of a unitive experience and a unitive reality. If you come back from a journey with a message of lack and fear, then you have not yet returned from your journey, although you may be at an important juncture of the journey. None of us, not even Master Teachers, will be finished with Earth School until we leave here, but once you get the initial unitive message that arises from a moment of enlightenment, or the end of one journey, then you can begin in that moment to cease to carry on merely "under the circumstances," we call life and can begin to walk with the understanding that what we experience with our senses is only part of the picture--the part that is an illusion. The truer part of existence is that which is beyond the senses, that which actually creates the experience we think is real.

While evil in its various forms feels real, it is no more real than its opposite. Circumstances may feel as though they are on top of you, or some government or other person may feel as though they are in control of your life, but none of that is true. Only what we allow to exist in our lives manifests, and while those things and/or people are there for a reason, that reason is not because they are incontrovertible facts. They are actually experiences we are allowing to be present in order to teach us about the true nature of reality and the human experience. That doesn't mean they don't matter. Nor does it mean that we shouldn't take part in the drama that is the illusion of life. It does, however, mean that in the battles that we fight and win, or fight and lose, what we take to the other side are the lessons learned from standing up for what causes love to expand in the universe. Are innocents being slaughtered? Yes, they are, but in the long run and from the perspective of the other side, none of these innocents have been or ever will be lost to Love. Everyone will still be there on the other side--whole and filled with Love. All that matters is Love--on this side of the veil and the other.

 I know these are not easy concepts to comprehend, and I know that as many questions have been raised and left unanswered as have been answered in a post of this length, but stay tuned. No doubt more will trickle out at some other turn in the bend of this journey we call life. This is only the beginning of the conversation, no doubt. It's okay if your brain hurts a little bit after reading this essay. Those are just growing pains. Namaste!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blessing or Curse?

Humans are far more powerful than most of us realize. We have the power to heal and we have the power to harm. We choose every day which will predominate in our lives. If you are thinking about someone in a loving manner and speaking kindly about them, then you are blessing them. If you are thinking mean and spiteful things about them, then you are cursing them, even if you don't open your mouth. There are many who curse and bless mindlessly. There are many who are more mindful about it, positively and negatively. Religion is no guarantee that blessing is what you send. Neither is having no religion. I am a spiritual being. I am not religious. Religion is something you do. Spirituality is something you are. I choose spirituality over religion because religion was so busy trying to teach me how to behave that it neglected how to show me how to live. As for me, I choose love and light, healing and happiness. I choose blessing over cursing, and I choose it over and over and over again every day. Even when others curse me, I choose consciously to return that curse with a blessing. That is not an easy thing to do sometimes, but it is the way I choose to live. I choose Light. I choose Love. I choose blessing. Namaste!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sacred Space
In each heart, there is a sacred space.
Some spaces are overgrown with weeds.
Some cluttered with bits of the past,
pieces of broken hearts, mementos of days gone by.
Some have pressed flowers to remember,
old programs, used tickets, and worn baubles.
A few things broken never to be fixed.
Some spaces are filled with nothing but sorrow.

In each heart, there is a sacred space.
Some are filled with fragrant flowers
or wafting incense from meditation time.
In some, the silence rings like quiet bells
or wind chimes blowing gently through life.
Running water flows steadily through,
wearing smooth the hardened past.
Some allow for the fluttering of birds and butterflies.

In each heart, there is a sacred space.
Whatever fills this hallowed place in your life,
be sure that it is there by choice.
Others may try to fill this space for you,
but it was never theirs to fill.
This space belongs to you and you alone.
Be mindful of what you store there.
It will go with you when you cross the rainbow bridge.

© 2013 Beth Mitchum

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dream Messages and Meetings

I had an intriguing dream this morning. I dreamed that I was living back at the cabin on Hood Canal. Only as dreams often go, it wasn't really that place. It was just similar to it, but similar enough that I knew what it was supposed to represent. Anyway, wherever it really was, the dog who used to live on that property when I lived there, came to my defense in the dream when an intruder tried to get into my home. The intruder was supposed to be someone with a legitimate reason for being on the property, but I couldn't place him, and he sure didn't have a reason to be trying to barge into my living space. When he did try to maneuver into my house past me, Shadow came tearing in behind the intruder. His teeth were bared, and he was barking like he was going to kill the guy. Now the real Shadow was indeed a good watchdog, but I'd never seen him go after anyone the way he did this guy. Shadow, the spirit dog, clearly knew something I didn't. It was only upon waking and processing the dream that I realized that Shadow, in spirit form, had entered my dream to warn me and to protect me from the intruder. This intruder was trying to gain access to my unconscious mind while I was in a vulnerable dream state. Given that I have been psychically attacked recently by an entity with a severe allergy to angels and the Light, this is not a surprise to me. Having Shadow come to my defense in my dream is certainly a surprise, but a welcome one.

On the earthly plane, Shadow had been my former landlady's dog. My landlady owned not only the cabin I rented, but her house next door and the surrounding acreage. She had to take a job out of state because of the shift in the economy after the terrorist attacks on 9-11 had changed the transportation industry. She'd had to cast her employment net further afield. In this case, out of state. A close friend had lived in the cabin previously so I was already well acquainted with Shadow and the cats who lived there. Once I moved into the cabin, I took over the job of caring for the animals on the property in the owner's absence. Shadow, for a time, became my dog and pretty much moved in with me. He started out sleeping at his house with their cats, but eventually, he and the one remaining cat just slept at the cabin with me and my two cats. It was cozier and easier that way during the long dark winter.

Shadow died a few years ago, while I was living in Florida the first time. I had stopped by to say goodbye to him before I left the state. He was not doing all that well then, so when I said goodbye to him, I knew it was the last time I'd see him on this side of the veil of existence. Sure enough, when I went back there for six months last year, he was no longer in this world, although I still sensed his presence on the property and welcomed it during the three weeks I stayed there in my former landlady's barn cabin while I was looking for a more permanent housing solution. The cabin where I'd lived before was rented out, so there was no chance of moving back in there unfortunately.

It makes sense to me that Shadow would come to my defense while I was in another state of consciousness, since he lives now in another state of consciousness. He was a huge black lab, and in his dream state was every bit as big as he was when he was guarding the property in this dimension. He is truly a gentle being, but he is also fiercely protective of the ones he loves. I was his person while I was living there and taking care of him. I let him sleep in my house at night and in the daytime too when it was rainy or cold outside. We bounded a lot during that time together. My cats didn't even mind him. He was so tall that when he was standing in their way, they just walked underneath him. That's how much trust there was among all of us.

Shadow had been my walking companion even before he moved in with me. We were very used to each other's presence in our lives from all the contact we'd had the years previous to my moving into the cabin. I took care of my friend's cat and dog whenever she was away, which was a lot because of her family's health issues in a nearby town. I started taking her dog for walks in that neighborhood for years before I lived there, and Shadow always came with us. When I moved in, it was a easy transition for us to start walking together on a daily basis.

I was reminded of our strong bond the other day when I was flying back from a writers conference in Dallas. Apparently there was a convention for the blind in Orlando, so the plane I was flying back home on had several blind passengers aboard. The airline attendants made a point of switching seats with some other passengers in order to allow the couple with the seeing eye dog to have some extra foot space in the row that was behind the panel that separated the coach seats from first class. I happened to be on the aisle seat there and was delighted to share my foot space with such a sweet being. Their guide dog looked like a smaller version of Shadow. I spent a good part of my time on that flight sending calming energy to the dog, who was a little bit rattled by the motion of the airplane. Fred was well behaved since he had been so well trained, but he was shaking a little bit and giving off bodily clues that all was not well in his world. So I started talking to him quietly then telepathically once I knew he could hear me. Then I started sending him healing and reassuring words until he stopped shaking and calmed down.

My interactions with Fred reminded me of my connection to Shadow, another sweet being who wasn't my dog, but with whom I felt a strong connection. It had been a while since I'd thought of Shadow because of being so far away from my life back in Washington, but in that moment in time, he was brought back into my field of consciousness. I'm glad he was because as I've been processing that dream further in writing this blog, I've received even more information about the nature of the dream time attack. I'm thankful to the angels for guiding Shadow and I to reconnect on the astral plane. We are well met, and I'm grateful to know that he still has my back when I really need him. It's another example of the love that carries on long after our time on earth has ended. I know I'll meet up with him again on the other side and it will be a happy reunion indeed. Thanks, Shadow! Good boy! I'd give you a big doggy biscuit if I could and a good brushing. 

Shadow the Dog, My Fierce Defender

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Full Moon Oil blend for tonight's Full Moon:
  • 3 parts Rose
  • 1 part Jasmine
  • 1 part Sandalwood

Herbs and flowers to use: any white flowers and any 5-petaled flowers.

For assistance with releasing that which you are ready in the following areas:

  • Fear, Worry, Anger - Call on Ashtar, Damara, Mother Mary, Melchisadec, Tara (green persona)
  • Negativity and unpleasant thoughts - Call on Gazardiel
  • Old behaviors, habits and patterns - Call on Haniel and Uriel
  • Blocks - Call on Michael

Crystal: Obsidian to draw out and release old patterns and hidden imbalances

Relax in a salt soak bath (add some of your oil blend to this).

You will be ready and armed to greet the moon and hand over whatever it is you wish to release at this time.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Kind Word and a Smile

A Kind Word and a Smile (Reprinted from my RevolutionSolution blog)

Sometimes becoming part of the solution to the world's ills is to share a smile and a kind word. It doesn't always involve picking up litter or changing someone's tire or giving them a jump when they have a dead battery. Sometimes all you need to do to make the world a better place is to smile at a stranger or wave as you pass someone on the street. I've moved to new places and simply started waving campaigns, being sure to wave at my new neighbors when I pass them whether I know them by name or not. I just assume that I have moved to a friendly neighborhood. I make sure that I slow down and move over if they're out there walking or running or biking. I especially slow down if they're out there walking Fido, since you don't always know what Fido's going to do even when he's on a leash. Even if the place you live isn't particularly friendly when you arrive, just start your own waving campaign. Friendliness is one of those things that tends to be contagious. Try it in your neighborhood. It might take some time before it catches on, but you'll be surprised how quickly it spreads with little effort.

Join the Solution Revolution

Join the Solution Revolution (Reprinted from my blog)

Have you ever noticed that in an emergency situation--tornado aftermath, hurricanes, floods, etc.--people don't waste time complaining about the situation? They just get to work to make the situation better to the best of their present ability, and most people who get to work don't limit the help to themselves only. They get to work on behalf of their neighbors too generally, particularly those unable to do the work themselves. We know in these circumstances that complaining will never solve the problems. 

Why do we forget this when it comes to every day issues? Why don't we all try skipping the bitching for a change and go right to problem solving? Do what you can every day to make the world a better place right where you stand. If each of us did that, no matter our abilities or disabilities, the world would be a better place. Let's start today. Find something in your immediate world/environment and make it better. No complaints. No blame. Simply take some kind of action to improve the situation given your present abilities. 

I'd like to see this become a way of life for most of us. Are you up for the challenge? Even if all you do differently is make a point of disposing properly of a piece of litter every day, there would be 365 fewer pieces of litter on this planet every year. If 100 of us did this every day...36,500 few pieces of litter per year. Don't stop there. Get creative about finding ways to leave your world a better place daily. Then pass it on. 

I've lived through windstorms and earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest and hurricanes in Florida, and I can tell you that the devastation afterwards is overwhelming to behold. The mess from these storms and natural disasters don't get cleaned up quickly. It can take months and sometime years of daily effort to make things right again, but over time, the mess is cleaned up and the damage that can be repaired is finally repaired.

There are a lot of problems facing us in this world--pollution, hunger, war, unemployment, homelessness, etc. Looking at the problems can feel overwhelming. No one is asking you to solve all the world's problems. But I am challenging you today to join me in taking the pledge to make at least one positive change a day to help make the world a better place. Start where you are and do the first thing you see that you can conceivably do in the space of a few minutes. Pick up a piece of litter. Plant a tree. Write a letter of support to your senator or protest to the president of a company that makes products that pollute the environment. Get involved. Complaining isn't the solution. Actions are the solution. Start small and right where you're standing today.

Join the Solution Revolution today and make a positive difference every day. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Fire is so primal, so rich in imagery.
Water is so forceful, gently soothing.
Air cools us and invigorates us.
Earth grounds us to our own sense of being.

Spirit is all that and more.
It is rich and primal,
forceful and soothing,
Cooling and invigorating.

Spirit is the ground of our Being
rooting us to the Earth
and releasing us to the sky,
all at the same time.

© 2008 Beth Mitchum

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hail, Caesar! It's About Time!

I had the opportunity to tutor a high school student this week. She had to write a paper on how Julius Caesar had made an impact on Western civilization in a way that is relevant to this day. In assisting with the research for this topic, I learned a great deal about the history of calendars, since she chose his influence over the way we mark the days of the year. Within the space of ninety minutes, we had perused a number of articles on the subject and had a solid outline so she could go home to write the essay for class. Even though she went home to write the paper, the topic stayed with me because I found it fascinating how we came to have the calendar we use today. Maybe it's because I've always been a history buff and even majored in history as half of my pre-seminary double major when I was in college. 

While I was aware of the fact that the Julian calendar was involved somewhere along the developmental line of our current Gregorian calendar, I really knew no more than that. I'm not sure how I got through all those history classes in college with no more than a glancing blow on the topic of the calendar we used to track all of those significant dates and events I was studying, but somehow I did. What I did know already about the development of our calendar, I knew mostly from personal study of the phases of the moon and about how pagan celebrations had been adopted by the Roman Catholic Church in an effort to make Catholicism more palatable to the pagan folk. While we may think very little about the calendar and the importance of having a calendar, beyond being able to glance at our electronic gadgets and gizmos to see what appointments we have this week or month or day, people in ancient times had a very different relationship with time and the tracking of days, months, and years. 

The first thing I asked my student to consider was the purpose of inventing a calendar in the first place. In asking that, we first considered what purpose it serves today. Nearly every aspect of our daily lives is governed by the clock and the calendar. We go to school, we go to work, we go to the doctor, we show up for job interviews or even lunch with a friend based on specific times and dates. Many people consider their smart phones to be their brains, which is a scary thought that deserves further attention at another time. Suffice it to say that civilization as we know it today would be greatly disrupted if some cataclysmic event occurred and caused a drastic shift in the tilt of the earth. Our clocks and calendars would instantly be incorrect on a global scale. If the cataclysmic event itself didn't destroy everything on the planet, the very least that would happen would be that everything would be completely chaotic. 

If you doubt this, take a moment to recall the years of panic that ensued in the nineties when Microsoft realized that the coming of the new millennium was going to wreak havoc on our computers because they hadn't been built and programmed to handle data beyond the year 1999. The very thought of the calendar rolling over to the year 2000 with the existing computer programming  threaten to cripple governments and commerce to a ridiculous degree. Computer technicians worked day and night to make adjustments to existing computers so they wouldn't suddenly malfunction when we woke up on January 1, 2000. I was working for Waldenbooks during this time of trepidation over the implications of this tiny little issue of numbers and dates. As it happened, I was scheduled to open the store the morning of January 1, 2000. While the home office had assured us that they had resolved this issue for our computer systems, we still didn't really know if everything around us would continue to function properly. Would the utility companies be functioning at full throttle? Would the traffic lights work? Would gas pumps and everything else we've come to rely on so heavily still work the way it was supposed to work come that special day? No one really knew, but if you were alive then, you know that civilization as we know it continued on without so much as a hiccup. I was assured by a computer technician I know that this was largely due to all the overtime the computer geeks had been logging in the weeks, months, and years prior to this moment in history. Civilization based on computerization had dodged a bullet, but not without significant cost, all because of a date. 

Understanding how significant calendars and clocks are to our society is one thing, but what about  people in ancient civilizations? When did humanity begin using calendars and why did they bother? What possible purposes could they have had in designing a calendar for daily life? While it's difficult to determine exactly when people began keeping track of time, the fact that they did so a very long time ago is evidenced by historic records from civilizations all around the globe.  Even the earliest of civilizations reveal their belief in the importance of tracking the lunar and solar transitions. The Sumerians, who lived 5000 years ago in what is Iraq in today's world, had a calendar that divided a year into thirty-day months. Their days were divided into twelve periods, with each being the equivalent of two of our present day hours. Each of these twelve chunks of time in a day were further divided into thirty smaller parts, the equivalent of four of our minutes each.  

While there is no handbook to explain the purposes for Stonehenge, it was built over 4000 years ago in England clearly for the purpose of tracking periodic solar and lunar events. The alignment of the stones can accurately predict certain events, including eclipses and the summer solstice. Although the earliest Egyptian calendar was lunar based, somewhere around 3100 BCE, they realized that Sirius (also called the "Dog Star") rose next to the sun every 365 days. Since this was about the same time of the year when the annual flooding of the Nile occurred, they created a 365-day calendar so they could have an accurate prediction for this important yearly event. The Mayans had calendars of 260 days as well as 365 days, using the moon, the sun, and the planet Venus for their calculations. According to their calculations, the creation of the world occurred in 3114 BCE. I find it rather interesting that two significant civilizations (separated by a lot of miles) invented calendars that point to roughly the same time in history as the beginning of time. It seems to imply that the marking of time has been around since the dawn of time, or at least since the dawn of the awareness of time. 

All of this still does not answer the question: Why invent a way to keep track of time at all? What purpose did it serve originally? It appears that choice of calendars and calendar types is cultural and  geographical. The reasons for calculating dates seems to revolve around a few basic needs: 1) measuring how much time has passed since something of great significance occurred, 2) keeping track of the seasons or other significant natural occurrences. This would be of particular importance in colder climates where they would want to know when winter was over and warmer weather could be expected. 3) It was also important to know when to celebrate religious and cultural festivities. The simplest way of marking time in practical terms would be by using the predicable and frequent cycles of the moon. The time that elapses between new moons or full moons is obvious to the naked eye for the most part. There are 29.5 days for the entire cycle to be completed. Most early calendars are lunar based, no doubt because that is easy to track. In Egypt, however, where it was so important to know when the Nile River was about to flood, they had a calendar based on twelve 30-day months with a 5-day festival thrown in at the end of the year in order to keep their calendar in sync with a solar year. This brings us to 4), the importance of the lunar and solar cycles to the planting and harvesting of crops. The irrigation benefits of the yearly flooding of the Nile is incalculable. As other types of interactions between the sun, moon, and crops were learned, they became part of the calendar year. Almanacs (calendars with notations about astronomical events) have been around since the invention of writing itself. Clearly their significance cannot be downplayed in the reasons calendars were created in the first place. 

What does all this have to do with Julius Caesar you ask? Essentially the Julian calendar he instituted with the help of astronomer Sisogenes is what became the calendar we use today with the exception of small corrections that occurred with the implementation of the much more accurate Gregorian calendar. Although the Julian calendar was more accurate than the Roman calendar that preceded it, it was still off by 11.5 minutes per year, which adds up after 1500 years or so. The Gregorian calendar (named after and decreed by Pope Gregory XIII) was finally able to correct that in the late 16th century, but not without great controversy. Much of this controversy had to do with the general discord between Protestants and Catholics during the time of the Protestant Reformation, no doubt. Had it not involved the Roman Catholic Church, it's possible that the new calendar would have been accepted by the masses much sooner. As it was, it took several hundred years for this "new" calendar to be accepted by the majority of countries.  One mustn't be hasty, after all, about changing the face of time, which governs our lives more thoroughly than any church or throne has ever managed to do. Great Britain and its colonies didn't embrace it until 1752, even though Rome introduced it in 1582. Given that Benjamin Franklin was publishing Poor Richard's Almanack in the American colonies from 1732 to 1758, I had to wonder what calendar was the basis for his almanac. What I learned is that he used the Julian calendar until Great Britain and its colonies made the switch to the Gregorian calendar. He dutifully moved his birth date eleven days forward in time to reflect the change in the calendar that corrected the centuries-old discrepancy caused by the Julian calendar. 

If this all seems like much ado about nothing, you have to realize that time is a very serious matter to humans. In order for us to know when to celebrate special days, when to plant and harvest crops, and how to calculate important dates in history so you can pass that Civil War test in school, we have to have some consensus about dates. We may have to play around a bit with times and dates because of time zones and the international date line, but can you imagine how difficult it would be to program our phones or even tell when our photos were taken without the amazing invention of the modern calendar? And to think that we have Julius Caesar, at least in part, to thank for this marvel. My hat, er, laurel wreath is off to you, Julius. You really rocked the world with that one and you were much more efficient about the changeover than the pope was all those hundreds of years later. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lessons from Lao Ma and the Xenaverse

I have to confess to having been a fairly serious fan of Xena and all the characters from the Xenaverse, particularly Lao Ma, who was married to Lao Tzu (as far as revisionist Xenaverse history goes anyway). See http:// for the full back story. In the episodes, "Debt I" and "Debt II," Lao Ma was married to a cruel ruler, although in Chinese history, Lao Tzu was a gentle philosopher/archivist. See http:// for the theories of who Lao Tzu was traditionally. He is considered by most to have been the author of the enduringly enigmatic Taoist text, Tao Te Ching, a concise text on how to live according to "the Way of Virtue." The legends behind this character are no less colorful than the ones you come across in the Xenaverse, so suffice it to say the creators of the Xenaverse were no more or less creative with historical facts than Chinese legends have been over the millennia. In an interesting feminist twist of revisionist history, we learn that in the Xenaverse, it is actually Lao Ma who penned the text that made her cruel husband a revered teacher of Chinese philosophy. She left this treatise in his name as a way to change how the centuries that followed viewed her tyrannical husband. This is, of course, fiction Xena style.

Anyway, at the time when I was enjoying the stories about Lao Ma and Xena, I was particularly enamored of Lao Ma's power to battle evil. I recall harboring a secret desire to be able to do battle that way. Not that I'd ever had any real reason to do this in my much more calm and reasonable life. Still, the draw to the magical aspect of life that enables a person to extend a hand and send his/her opponent across the room was intriguing to me because of the amount of focused energy it required. Only recently has that kind of power been brought to my attention again while I was watching a video about the power of chi in a Qi Gong master. Seeing this video made a very important piece of information fall into place in my brain. There actually are people who are powerful enough to knock people off their feet with only their energy, their chi. This can be done even from a distance. A Qi Gong master does it to teach students and to help them to direct their chi. They do it without hurting anyone. Other people use this power to harm and harass their perceived enemies.

Without elaborating enough to scare the bejeebers out of you and/or cause you to doubt my sanity more than you already do, suffice it to say that in the past couple of years I've been the unwitting target of a major psychic attack. While I realized that something was going on, I didn't have a clue how in depth and prolonged the assault had been. At the time it began,  I was already dealing with a few health issues that centered mainly around an old back injury that had troubled me for years. I was also dealing with some interesting physical issues that sometimes accompany the perimenopausal years. These "legitimate" physical challenges became entry points for the attacker, because they were recognized as the weaknesses they were in my physical, and, apparently, auric being. Because I'd already been dealing with them for a while, it took some time and outside research for me to untangle the physical challenges I was still dealing with from the interference of the dark magic that had been sent subtly my way for over a year. I guess I should be grateful that a certain someone wished to be acknowledged as the energy behind the attacks, because in getting more overt, it got my attention, and I realized just how much of what was going on physically in my body had been made worse by this interference.

Not wishing to glorify the bullying attacks of a person of questionable moral character, let me just summarize this by saying that I have been the recipient several times of the type of blasting energy that can literally knock a person off their feet, if they aren't ready for it. Once I figured out that a person was actually behind it, it made it easier to maneuver around the blast. Having been awakened by such a blast to my solar plexus last night, I admit to being pretty frustrated by the fact that my rather elaborate angelic protections hadn't successfully blocked it throughout the night. Indeed I had gotten only a few hours of sleep before the attacker got through all my defenses, and I was awakened from my slumber. I knew that the answer to this lay with me, but I still felt rather peeved with the angels for not simply stopping it. They assured me that it had reached me to teach me. As I sat there in my bed in the middle of the night being painfully honest about how I felt about the whole situation, I blew out the excess energy in my body rather forcefully, sending it out of my body and into the space around me. Realizing that I didn't want that undirected energy around my cats, I started redirecting all the energy so recently blasted into me into energy directed outwardly into the universe purposefully to bring healing to those who need it.

It was then that I realized what a gift those blasts of energy were to me and the entire world around me. Even though one might be tempted to view that energy as negative, the energy itself is just that, energy. Neither negative nor positive. The intention sent behind the blast was no doubt negative, but the energy itself was not. So once I removed the hateful intentions behind the energy, I simply redirected the energy outward with love to the world around me. Imagine if we could all learn how to take all those moments in time when others purposefully or unconsciously send energy our way in a fit of rage or malice and turn them into something good. If we could all learn to remove the gift tags from those blasts of energy, and simply re-gift the energy to someone in need of healing, we could turn such curses into blessings. Give the negative intentions behind the blasts to the angels to take to the light, but bless the energy and send it to someone who needs it. If the situation calls for it, you can follow Jesus' teachings to "bless those who curse you." In the case of someone who is actively and purposefully blasting you, I recommend sending love in return, but sending the energy in the form of healing out into the world. It will not only help others, but it will also help you when it comes back karmically to you in the form of healing and a blessing, which is most likely quite the opposite of what the attacker meant for you to receive.

The gift behind the attacks on my health have been allowed for the purpose of forcing me to deep more deeply into the spiritual healing I know already I can access. It has been allowed so I will be greatly motivated to focus on healing myself for a change, instead of always sending love, light, and healing energy outwardly to other. I keep getting the message from on high, "Healer, heal thyself." Even though I have never given birth, I too have that instinctual maternal and protective nature that wants to heal the world and forgets that I can't heal the world, if I don't take care of myself first. This takes me back to the safety message of the airline attendants to place the oxygen mask first over your own face and adjust it before attepting to help someone else with theirs. If you're helping someone else, then you're not paying attention to what's happening in your own body. Get yourself situated before you help others. So now I am focused on my own health and healing. While I can still help to heal others, I have to heal myself first. If I allow my own health to go downhill because I'm caring for others, I will only become a burden to others. That is backwards. So now I'm focusing on my own health and self care first before I help others. I'm using the lessons from the attacks on my health to teach me and strengthen me. 

In martial arts, you learn how to use your attacker's energy in a way that deflects it away from you without actually returning the attack in kind. You use the momentum of the kick or punch aimed at you to assist your attacker to have a close encounter with the floor rather than your face. The goal is to practice good self-defense methods and those methods start before the first blow is struck.  So I'm thanking this attacker for reminding me not to resist and not to retaliate, but to use the energy of the attack to move the attacker out of my energy field without causing any harm to myself or them. Disarming your attacker is always better than meeting force with force in a head-on confrontation. Anger drives you to fight back, exchanging blow for blow, whereas true inner power allows you to send the attacker packing without striking even one blow. As you'll find in a study of martial arts, the real goal is to be so strong inwardly that you never have to fight anyone. When you put it in your auric field that you are quite capable of successfully beating any wouldbe attackers, it is less likely that you will be attacked in the first place. What is true physically is also true energetically. Shore up your auric field, heal your own psyche, and you're much less likely to be attacked at all.

In case you're interested in what I did that so annoyed this person into wishing me ill will, let me assure you that all I was doing was helping a friend in need. But by doing so, I was thwarting her wishes by sending light and love to the original person she was attacking. I was helping that friend  to figure out what was going on and how to defend herself against it. Together we ended up launching on a crash course in the Defense of the Dark Arts a la Harry Potter. While we've had a good many laughs about it, it has been anything but funny. We have learned a lot even though it hadn't been our intention to sign up for that class. We had been studying angels and learning how to get a better grip on our psychic gifts. I have to say that even though this has been a tough and oftentimes unpleasant class on defending ourselves against psychic attack, we have learned more about the angels and the gifts they have for us, and we have both strengthened our psychic senses to a degree neither of us was expecting. We've also learned the power of sisterhood through this, since other women who had been assisting us along the way were drawn into the assault as well. We are all learning together more about psychic self defense, as well as more about the benefits of crystals and other alternative healing and protective avenues. We are gaining in knowledge and strength daily. For this and for all the lessons, I am grateful. If I hadn't been attacked in the first place, my learning would have continued, but at a much slower pace. Apparently, with all that is going on in the universe at present, I no longer have the luxury of taking my time in learning and honing new skills. It's clearly time for light workers to get to work. I can't say that I hadn't been warned either, given the number of times I've gotten the 999 and 99 messages from the angels, which is essentially, "Get to work, light workers!"* Now I've passed that message onto you as well, so what are you waiting for? Get to work! There's a world out there in need of an army of prepared and protected light workers.

*See Doreen Virtue's "Angel Numbers 101" for more information about what all those repetitive angel number messages mean.

Friday, May 24, 2013

I planted some French lavender today in celebration of the Flower Moon. Releasing those lessons tonight which have yielded the needed results and planting seeds for a harmonious future filled with gentle energy and the sweet aroma of little purple flowers. Let the moon energy kiss the flowers and make them grow healthy strong and me with it. Calling on Brigit and Cerridwen, Artemis, Diana, and all the other moon goddesses for blessings, healing, and protection.

Celebrate the Flower Moon

Dance beneath the flower moon.
Stars adorn the brightened sky.
Plants seeds for tomorrow's flowers
and finish what has been.

Sing and dance in victory.
Celebrate this blessed time. 
Kiss the stars; embrace the Light.
Dance beneath the flower moon. 

© 2013 Beth Mitchum

This poster has adorned the walls of my bedroom since I found it in a metaphysical shop in Tacoma, Washington. I highly recommend her work. She usually has a calendar each year and the energy is simply perfect and the art is sublime. I feel the Lunar Goddesses watching over me whenever I look up and see her in my sleeping space. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Living in the Key of Love

It's easy to get distracted by events going on around us. Those events might be the little things that fill our days relating to work, family, errands, chores, etc. They might be cataclysmic earthquakes in China or shootings and bombings somewhere in America. But no matter what is happening around us, it is incredibly important to focus on bringing forth a positive vibration to our inner selves as well to those around us. Even if we don't have time in our schedules to sit and meditate for a couple of hours, we can still send out that vibration simply by thinking it as we go about our busy day. While I do recommend scaling back daily activities to a level that allows us time to sit in quiet meditation, even when we can't do that, there are moments we can take advantage of throughout the day to go inward and strike a positive note and send it forth. So whether you're stuck in traffic, waiting for a meeting to begin, washing dishes, vacuuming the house, doing laundry, or even using the restroom, we can use those moments of relative quiet to refocus our lives and minds on Love. We can ring that inner bell and let it vibrate out from us to those around us. I think we'd be amazed at how much quiet time we do have at hand, if only we'd stop worrying about how much is on our To Do list and making that an excuse for not making a difference energetically. Look instead at the moments of mundane activity and use them as a chance to sing a song or at least hum a hum. Just make sure that the song you sing and the hum you hum is done in the key of Love. It will make a difference if we do. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Allow Life to Blossom through You

Revisiting the Power of Myth

Unbeknownst to me, the 25th Anniversary edition of The Power of Myth video series was released in February of this year. I'm watching again the original edition right now and discovering that it doesn't matter how many times you watch it, there is always new fruit to be gleaned. There is no end to the harvest of wisdom. There is only a limit to how much you can carry away with you at each visit. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Road Less Traveled and Often Unmarked

When I launched out on a prolonged study of various religions in the early nineties, as I was exiting conservative Christianity, I determined that since at the core of all established religions is the same message--Love of the Divine, of others, and of the self--any was as good as the others, and as long as you hold to the core of all, none was as good as any. That conclusion has stood me in good stead. I learn from the many paths, but listen to Spirit and follow my nose to forge my own path. Which explains a lot about me actually. It's why I don't always know why exactly I'm doing something until I do it. I'm not only following my bliss; I'm following my guidance, which may not feel so blissful in the moment, but is always leading me to the next thing, the next lesson, the next connection. As long as I go there with a thankful heart and PAY ATTENTION to what's going on around me, I'll make that connection, learn that lesson, and move on to the next thing after that.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Being Vs. Keeping Score

Many of us keep track of how much we weigh, how tall we are, what dress size we wear, or how much money we make. We might judge our progress by how many hours a day we pray or meditate or work out or calories we consume. We may keep a close eye on our back accounts and portfolios or be sure to always have the latest and greatest thing, the newest model of car. None of these things are bad in themselves, but a more accurate gauge of our life can be found in asking how comfortable we are with simply being without keeping score.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Divine Onion

Divine Onion

If I were an onion, how would you come to know me?

Would you set me on a table,
surround me with suitable props,
and then paint my likeness on a canvas?
Would you use me like paper,
make me into a book that you study and study,
until I become abstract and unknowable?
Would you peel back each of my layers,
one by one, until there was nothing left except empty space?
Would you get out a sharp knife
and chop me into bits and consume me?
Would you even cry when you cut me open?

Bury me deep within the soil of your heart, and I will nourish you.
But I cannot promise you that there will be no tears.

© 2008 Beth Mitchum

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Aftermath

I am glad that the citizens of Boston can start picking up the pieces of their shattered lives. There are many whose lives will never be the same, of course, and we will all view the marathon with different eyes. Peace to all, far and wide, who were negatively impacted by the acts of cowardice recently. Thank you to all who reached out a helping hand in a time of dire need. May your acts of courage be remembered and spotlighted. I ask the universe to speed physical and emotional healing to those in need of it and grant you a large dose of grace as you learn to walk and live again. In the aftermath of such ugly hatred, may the beautiful face of love shine from those around you, helping you to move forward with courage.

Friday, April 19, 2013

You Say Tomayto; I Say Tomahto

I have been led in the past few years to revisit my theological roots from my current position as a psychic. As some of you may know, my early metaphysical background lies in Charismatic and Pentecostal Christianity. I got my BA in Biblical Studies and History, as a pre-seminary major at a conservative college in Florida. My intent then was to go to seminary. I was accepted twice to attend Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary near Boston. This is a a prestigious school that is part of a consortium of institutes of higher learning, one of which is Harvard. Had I gone there for my Masters of Divinity, I would have been free to attend classes at Harvard, as well as several other universities in the area with theological schools. Both times after being accepted, I was guided away from following through on those plans. I suspect because I had other things to learn that could not have been learned in seminary. So instead, I went on to work in social work for over four years, dealing with abused teenagers from dysfunctional families.

From there my path continued to lead me in various directions including becoming a foster mother to six teenage daughters (NOT all at the same time), moving to NC, and after leaving Christianity, founding a Women's Spirituality group (dubbed Wi'Spir for wimmin and spirituality). Wimmin is a feminist spelling that was suggested decades ago to replace woman, since women were attempting to reclaim language from its misogynistic and male-dominated base. Anyway, I led that group, which was not part of any organized group, but was a free-spirited, free-thinking group, completely of my own making, but which fits most closely with what Margot Adler described in Drawing Down the Moon, as a Dianic Wiccan group. I did not then, nor do I now, claim the label Wiccan, because I am a fan neither of labels nor of organized religion of any flavor. I had gotten a bad taste in my mouth while moving in and out of conservative Christian circles. While I have studied Wiccan teachings and thought, just as I have studied Buddhist, Hindu, and Taoist thought, I have chosen to embrace fully none of these labels, though I was comfortable for a while to wear the label of Taoist. It still reflects a lot of what I think, feel, and have experienced to be true. However, in the past several years, since reconnecting with angels in a big way, I have felt that label didn't really allow for a complete understanding of where I am at present on my spiritual path.

While I have in no way returned to Christianity, I no longer get a twitch reading writings from the Christian tradition. Granted, I veer  towards liberal Christian thought, but that is so much more than I could do even just a couple of years ago. I could handle reconnecting with angels because they are limited to no specific religion and are present in all, without requiring an affiliation with any of them. Plus they allow room not for only the experience of psychic phenomena, but also the language of it. While involved in Charismatic and Pentecostal Christian circles, I was encouraged to participate via biblical teachings in developing and allowing psychic phenomena in my spiritual practice. Of course, the powers that be didn't use the word psychic. Instead they referred to them as "gifts (or manifestations) of the Spirit," as found in the New Testament book, First Corinthians (chapter 12, verses 7-11):

 7 But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good8 For to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, and to another the word of knowledge according to the same Spirit ; 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, and to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit10 and to another the effecting of miracles, and to another prophecy, and to another the distinguishing of spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, and to another the interpretation of tongues11 But one and the same Spirit works all these thingsdistributing to each one individually just as He wills(New American Standard Version of the Bible) 

What, pray tell, is the writer speaking of here if not psychic phenomena? Putting a Christian label on them doesn't change the metaphysical reality. During my ten-year stint in Christianity, I was encouraged to allow these psychic gifts to develop, and that is what I did. It took a while after I left Christianity for me to realize that these gifts were psychic abilities, something I think we all have to varying degrees. That I honed my psychic abilities in the midst of conservative Christian teachings is humorous to me now, given that their opinion of psychics is not merely dim. They think psychic phenomena are demonic. But you can't have it both ways. You can't call them the "gifts of the Holy Spirit" when a Christian demonstrates them and call them "demonic" when someone outside of their community manifests them.  The writer (presumably the Apostle Paul) says, "one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually just as He wills."

As I continue walking a spiritual path, I have had to look back more than once at my early spiritual path and be grateful that I was able to nurture and develop my spiritual/psychic skills in an environment that was both personally safe and fairly socially acceptable at the time. I also received a lot of spiritual teaching that has come back to me at significant junctures, reminding me of things I already knew, because truth is truth no matter where you encounter it. Whatever you choose to call them, I was trained as a teenager to open myself to psychic phenomena and those gifts are with me still, continuing to grow stronger and continuing to inform me and guide me.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Got Clutter?

I had a funny early morning incident today. I woke up and for some reason turned my head immediately to the left of me where I had a stack of books, paperwork, and various other items I needed to sort and put away now that my taxes have been filed. I had done them on my bed, which is a space where I could contain the clutter. Not an ideal spot to do your taxes, to be sure, but it worked, and it didn't need to be there more than a week or so. This year I had a lot more paperwork to pull together. I had books on my bed because I had been reading up on reflexology and qi gong at night before I went to sleep, but I really needed to get the books off the bed. I mean really. Is it possible for me to read four books at once? I am known for keeping several books going at once, but I had finished one of the reflexology books already and hadn't used the chart in the back for a couple of weeks. It was definitely time to put it away and the others too. One book would be sufficient to read and there is a book shelf right next to my bed where it could live until I finished reading it.

On top of this stack of "stuff," was another book that I was sure I hadn't read for a couple of weeks, and which I was certain had not been on my bed when I fell asleep last night. It was lying at a slight angle as though it had been placed there specifically so I'd see it first thing when I opened my eyes. What was the book you asked? Daily Guidance from the Angels by Doreen Virtue. I was barely awake, but the humor of the angels' less than subtle message came through loud and clear. I chuckled and opened the book to where the ribbon bookmark was holding my place. The message for the day was "Clear Your Clutter." That made me laugh even more. I read the entry then went through my daily prayers, promising that I'd de-clutter the bed at least today as soon I as I was finished with meditation time. True to my word, as soon as I was done, I quickly sorted the books and papers that were cluttering my bed and put them all away before toddling out to the front of the house for breakfast. I continued de-cluttering in both the kitchen and the living room. While I didn't get the whole house done, by any stretch of the imagination, I did make a significant dent in a short space of time.

I can't wait to see how they'll deliver my next message. It's possible, of course, that my cats somehow knocked the book off the shelf and onto the bed, but even that would have required some angelic help to knock one book down without so much as nudging the books next to it or moving the beeswax candle in front of it. Then to get the book positioned perfectly so it was facing me at a perfectly displayed angle was nothing short of a miracle. Either way it would be pretty mind blowing. I got the message, however it happened, and a morning chuckle with it.