Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Become an Overflowing Fountain

The full moon is nearly here. Set your intentions to manifest the blessings you'd like to see in your life. My wish for all my family and friends is to find peace and love and joy in overflowing abundance each and every day. The more each of us walks in the abundance of the universe, the fewer of us will be left to wander in a land of scarcity. If we allow that abundance to overflow into the lives of others, eventually there will be no room for anything but a generous sharing of goodness. The key is in allowing that abundance to fill us first to the overflowing point. There is no honor in giving of the core of your being. That type of giving, while it may appear noble, leads only to a state of personal depletion and neediness. Fill yourself first. Drink in the love and light that is all around you. Drink until you are full to overflowing. Then simply allow that overflow to splash over the sides like a happy fountain, refreshing and blessing all who come into contact with you. Whether you see the glass as half full or half empty is only a matter of perspective. If you keep your cup full to overflowing, you are happy and content and are able to allow others to fill their cup as well from the overflow until they learn to fill themselves as you have. Namaste to all of you.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just Released at Amazon

Amazon finally has my sister's new title, volume 1 in the series she's putting out. I highly recommend these informative books. I've been hanging in there with her, helping her through the publishing process.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Newly Released Daily Oracle/Tarot Journal

This journal is designed to record your notes and thoughts about your daily oracle and tarot card readings. It's basic enough to work with any deck, although it is intended mainly for shorter daily readings as opposed to bigger spreads that encompass more than a handful of cards and specific layouts. It can be helpful to refer back to past readings to see if you notice any patterns or repeated messages and images. There are enough pages in this book to do one every day for a year or do them periodically as desired but keep them in a designated book so you can always find what you're looking for if you need to refer to past readings.

Here's a closer look at the angel on the cover:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Ganesh Journal

New Ganesh Journal (can be personalized for you)

I am releasing for public consumption, a journal designed by me but illustrated by my extremely talented writer/artist niece, Amy L. Mitchum. It's available readily at Amazon's marketplaces worldwide, but it's also available to order at nearly any independent bookstore worldwide. Check with your local bookstore to see about ordering it.

A closer look at this awesome cover. 

 Please send me an email at mysticangelhealing@gmail.com if you'd like to get one of these personalized for your use. I can have your name (or that of a gift recipient) printed on the front cover. The front would then read, "My Very Own Journal by (your name of choice here). 
Cover Art by Amy L. Mitchum.