Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Got Clutter?

I had a funny early morning incident today. I woke up and for some reason turned my head immediately to the left of me where I had a stack of books, paperwork, and various other items I needed to sort and put away now that my taxes have been filed. I had done them on my bed, which is a space where I could contain the clutter. Not an ideal spot to do your taxes, to be sure, but it worked, and it didn't need to be there more than a week or so. This year I had a lot more paperwork to pull together. I had books on my bed because I had been reading up on reflexology and qi gong at night before I went to sleep, but I really needed to get the books off the bed. I mean really. Is it possible for me to read four books at once? I am known for keeping several books going at once, but I had finished one of the reflexology books already and hadn't used the chart in the back for a couple of weeks. It was definitely time to put it away and the others too. One book would be sufficient to read and there is a book shelf right next to my bed where it could live until I finished reading it.

On top of this stack of "stuff," was another book that I was sure I hadn't read for a couple of weeks, and which I was certain had not been on my bed when I fell asleep last night. It was lying at a slight angle as though it had been placed there specifically so I'd see it first thing when I opened my eyes. What was the book you asked? Daily Guidance from the Angels by Doreen Virtue. I was barely awake, but the humor of the angels' less than subtle message came through loud and clear. I chuckled and opened the book to where the ribbon bookmark was holding my place. The message for the day was "Clear Your Clutter." That made me laugh even more. I read the entry then went through my daily prayers, promising that I'd de-clutter the bed at least today as soon I as I was finished with meditation time. True to my word, as soon as I was done, I quickly sorted the books and papers that were cluttering my bed and put them all away before toddling out to the front of the house for breakfast. I continued de-cluttering in both the kitchen and the living room. While I didn't get the whole house done, by any stretch of the imagination, I did make a significant dent in a short space of time.

I can't wait to see how they'll deliver my next message. It's possible, of course, that my cats somehow knocked the book off the shelf and onto the bed, but even that would have required some angelic help to knock one book down without so much as nudging the books next to it or moving the beeswax candle in front of it. Then to get the book positioned perfectly so it was facing me at a perfectly displayed angle was nothing short of a miracle. Either way it would be pretty mind blowing. I got the message, however it happened, and a morning chuckle with it.