Friday, May 24, 2013

I planted some French lavender today in celebration of the Flower Moon. Releasing those lessons tonight which have yielded the needed results and planting seeds for a harmonious future filled with gentle energy and the sweet aroma of little purple flowers. Let the moon energy kiss the flowers and make them grow healthy strong and me with it. Calling on Brigit and Cerridwen, Artemis, Diana, and all the other moon goddesses for blessings, healing, and protection.

Celebrate the Flower Moon

Dance beneath the flower moon.
Stars adorn the brightened sky.
Plants seeds for tomorrow's flowers
and finish what has been.

Sing and dance in victory.
Celebrate this blessed time. 
Kiss the stars; embrace the Light.
Dance beneath the flower moon. 

© 2013 Beth Mitchum

This poster has adorned the walls of my bedroom since I found it in a metaphysical shop in Tacoma, Washington. I highly recommend her work. She usually has a calendar each year and the energy is simply perfect and the art is sublime. I feel the Lunar Goddesses watching over me whenever I look up and see her in my sleeping space.