Monday, May 20, 2013

Living in the Key of Love

It's easy to get distracted by events going on around us. Those events might be the little things that fill our days relating to work, family, errands, chores, etc. They might be cataclysmic earthquakes in China or shootings and bombings somewhere in America. But no matter what is happening around us, it is incredibly important to focus on bringing forth a positive vibration to our inner selves as well to those around us. Even if we don't have time in our schedules to sit and meditate for a couple of hours, we can still send out that vibration simply by thinking it as we go about our busy day. While I do recommend scaling back daily activities to a level that allows us time to sit in quiet meditation, even when we can't do that, there are moments we can take advantage of throughout the day to go inward and strike a positive note and send it forth. So whether you're stuck in traffic, waiting for a meeting to begin, washing dishes, vacuuming the house, doing laundry, or even using the restroom, we can use those moments of relative quiet to refocus our lives and minds on Love. We can ring that inner bell and let it vibrate out from us to those around us. I think we'd be amazed at how much quiet time we do have at hand, if only we'd stop worrying about how much is on our To Do list and making that an excuse for not making a difference energetically. Look instead at the moments of mundane activity and use them as a chance to sing a song or at least hum a hum. Just make sure that the song you sing and the hum you hum is done in the key of Love. It will make a difference if we do.