Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dream Messages and Meetings

I had an intriguing dream this morning. I dreamed that I was living back at the cabin on Hood Canal. Only as dreams often go, it wasn't really that place. It was just similar to it, but similar enough that I knew what it was supposed to represent. Anyway, wherever it really was, the dog who used to live on that property when I lived there, came to my defense in the dream when an intruder tried to get into my home. The intruder was supposed to be someone with a legitimate reason for being on the property, but I couldn't place him, and he sure didn't have a reason to be trying to barge into my living space. When he did try to maneuver into my house past me, Shadow came tearing in behind the intruder. His teeth were bared, and he was barking like he was going to kill the guy. Now the real Shadow was indeed a good watchdog, but I'd never seen him go after anyone the way he did this guy. Shadow, the spirit dog, clearly knew something I didn't. It was only upon waking and processing the dream that I realized that Shadow, in spirit form, had entered my dream to warn me and to protect me from the intruder. This intruder was trying to gain access to my unconscious mind while I was in a vulnerable dream state. Given that I have been psychically attacked recently by an entity with a severe allergy to angels and the Light, this is not a surprise to me. Having Shadow come to my defense in my dream is certainly a surprise, but a welcome one.

On the earthly plane, Shadow had been my former landlady's dog. My landlady owned not only the cabin I rented, but her house next door and the surrounding acreage. She had to take a job out of state because of the shift in the economy after the terrorist attacks on 9-11 had changed the transportation industry. She'd had to cast her employment net further afield. In this case, out of state. A close friend had lived in the cabin previously so I was already well acquainted with Shadow and the cats who lived there. Once I moved into the cabin, I took over the job of caring for the animals on the property in the owner's absence. Shadow, for a time, became my dog and pretty much moved in with me. He started out sleeping at his house with their cats, but eventually, he and the one remaining cat just slept at the cabin with me and my two cats. It was cozier and easier that way during the long dark winter.

Shadow died a few years ago, while I was living in Florida the first time. I had stopped by to say goodbye to him before I left the state. He was not doing all that well then, so when I said goodbye to him, I knew it was the last time I'd see him on this side of the veil of existence. Sure enough, when I went back there for six months last year, he was no longer in this world, although I still sensed his presence on the property and welcomed it during the three weeks I stayed there in my former landlady's barn cabin while I was looking for a more permanent housing solution. The cabin where I'd lived before was rented out, so there was no chance of moving back in there unfortunately.

It makes sense to me that Shadow would come to my defense while I was in another state of consciousness, since he lives now in another state of consciousness. He was a huge black lab, and in his dream state was every bit as big as he was when he was guarding the property in this dimension. He is truly a gentle being, but he is also fiercely protective of the ones he loves. I was his person while I was living there and taking care of him. I let him sleep in my house at night and in the daytime too when it was rainy or cold outside. We bounded a lot during that time together. My cats didn't even mind him. He was so tall that when he was standing in their way, they just walked underneath him. That's how much trust there was among all of us.

Shadow had been my walking companion even before he moved in with me. We were very used to each other's presence in our lives from all the contact we'd had the years previous to my moving into the cabin. I took care of my friend's cat and dog whenever she was away, which was a lot because of her family's health issues in a nearby town. I started taking her dog for walks in that neighborhood for years before I lived there, and Shadow always came with us. When I moved in, it was a easy transition for us to start walking together on a daily basis.

I was reminded of our strong bond the other day when I was flying back from a writers conference in Dallas. Apparently there was a convention for the blind in Orlando, so the plane I was flying back home on had several blind passengers aboard. The airline attendants made a point of switching seats with some other passengers in order to allow the couple with the seeing eye dog to have some extra foot space in the row that was behind the panel that separated the coach seats from first class. I happened to be on the aisle seat there and was delighted to share my foot space with such a sweet being. Their guide dog looked like a smaller version of Shadow. I spent a good part of my time on that flight sending calming energy to the dog, who was a little bit rattled by the motion of the airplane. Fred was well behaved since he had been so well trained, but he was shaking a little bit and giving off bodily clues that all was not well in his world. So I started talking to him quietly then telepathically once I knew he could hear me. Then I started sending him healing and reassuring words until he stopped shaking and calmed down.

My interactions with Fred reminded me of my connection to Shadow, another sweet being who wasn't my dog, but with whom I felt a strong connection. It had been a while since I'd thought of Shadow because of being so far away from my life back in Washington, but in that moment in time, he was brought back into my field of consciousness. I'm glad he was because as I've been processing that dream further in writing this blog, I've received even more information about the nature of the dream time attack. I'm thankful to the angels for guiding Shadow and I to reconnect on the astral plane. We are well met, and I'm grateful to know that he still has my back when I really need him. It's another example of the love that carries on long after our time on earth has ended. I know I'll meet up with him again on the other side and it will be a happy reunion indeed. Thanks, Shadow! Good boy! I'd give you a big doggy biscuit if I could and a good brushing. 

Shadow the Dog, My Fierce Defender