Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blessing or Curse?

Humans are far more powerful than most of us realize. We have the power to heal and we have the power to harm. We choose every day which will predominate in our lives. If you are thinking about someone in a loving manner and speaking kindly about them, then you are blessing them. If you are thinking mean and spiteful things about them, then you are cursing them, even if you don't open your mouth. There are many who curse and bless mindlessly. There are many who are more mindful about it, positively and negatively. Religion is no guarantee that blessing is what you send. Neither is having no religion. I am a spiritual being. I am not religious. Religion is something you do. Spirituality is something you are. I choose spirituality over religion because religion was so busy trying to teach me how to behave that it neglected how to show me how to live. As for me, I choose love and light, healing and happiness. I choose blessing over cursing, and I choose it over and over and over again every day. Even when others curse me, I choose consciously to return that curse with a blessing. That is not an easy thing to do sometimes, but it is the way I choose to live. I choose Light. I choose Love. I choose blessing. Namaste!