Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Angel Allies

Ya just gotta love angels. My housemate lost her school keys before school started this summer. She ended up having to get another set from the office so she'd have what she needed for the school year to access her classroom, etc. Then this morning she couldn't find her replacement keys. I knew she had to find them before her planning period was over, so when she showed up at the house again, I got up and started looking around, asking the angels in my head where they were. They said, "In the car."

"Okay, so where in the car?"

"In between the seats." I'm seeing in my head an image of them being deeply wedged and mostly under the driver's seat.

So I looked around inside the house some more (really?) and then went out to the car to start looking. I went right to where they were and could see something that looked like the lanyard the old ones had been on, but I was having trouble reaching them. I tried crawling in through the backseat. I couldn't even see them from back there, much less reach them. Then I went back to the front and still couldn't get them. I sent up a prayer that they would bring them to the surface so I could reach them. On the next attempt, I was able to dig down enough to grab the tiniest bit of lanyard that allowed me to pull them up with some difficulty. The first time I'd tried that, one of my rings had gotten caught in the tight space and had slipped off my finger. It didn't go anywhere though because it was so tight, it simply wedged there. That illustrates how tight the space was between the seat and the console. Anyway, that second time, I did actually snag them and bring them the rest of the way to the surface. As I suspected when I'd spied the bit of lanyard, they were the original keys. My housemate was all set then and headed off to work where she found the second set of keys too, which she will be returning to the office in case her first set ever decides to go AWOL again. Yay, angels! You rock!

So if you ever need help finding your keys (or anything else), try asking the angels rather than ripping out your hair or getting angry at yourself or someone else. I have to warn you though that you'll need to quiet your mind so you can hear and/or see their answer in your mind. Angels don't generally shout, although you can ask them to if you're having difficulty hearing them. Now lest you think I simply "remembered" seeing them there at some point, bear in mind that I have not been on that side of the car since the last time I drove it many months ago, long before the keys went missing. I couldn't have remembered them. When I asked them, the angels showed me and told me where they were. Still don't believe? Hmm. That's your loss then because angels are hanging around each of us waiting to be of service so we can do what we came here to do and make a difference in the world. I recommend that you cultivate a friendship with them so you'll recognize the voice of a friend when you need it most. They're there to help with the huge stuff and the little stuff.