Sunday, March 16, 2014

Planting the Seeds of Wonder

Have you ever seen the look of wonder in a child's eye? Perhaps it happens the first time they become truly aware of a Christmas tree all lit up and filled with promise. Or perhaps it happens for you when a dramatic sunset splays itself across your horizon. I think that when magic happens, we all know and recognize it. A transformation occurs when we realize that we can encourage more of those moments of delight and wonder when we open to the mystical side of life. When we open our hearts to it and look for the magical moments in our day, they begin to multiply. We have an entire universe at our disposal. We can, if we choose, fill this entire space with moments of awe and wonder. We paint the pictures of our lives with our thoughts, with our words, with our dreams, and with our actions. Good or bad, productive and destructive, beautiful or ugly. It's all up to us. We can choose. Here. Now. This. That. I don't know about you, but I want to load my palette with a variety of vibrant colors. I choose to load my brush with exciting shades of wonder. Brilliant brushstrokes of the miraculous kind. How about you?