Saturday, May 31, 2014

Out of the Silence...Creation

While I was researching a topic today, which arose from my quiet time, I was reminded of a dream vision I had a couple decades ago. I'm not entirely sure whether it was a dream or clair voyant vision. Oftentimes just before I fall asleep or wake up, I "see" things in that in-between time that I know are coming in through my third eye. This vision felt less like a dream and more like an encounter and thus a vision, but I can't be entirely sure of that. It came in answer to a prayer about wanting to see the feminine aspect of the divine I had been studying for a while, both for my independent study in grad school and for the women's spirituality group I had pioneered (WISPIR) in Asheville, NC. What I saw in this in-between moment was a middle-aged woman with long, dark hair, which she wore loose. She was standing at the edge of a forest and she wore about her a long, flowing cloak that was indigo--dark as the night sky. She had energy that was absolutely pregnant with possibility. I knew that she was the Mother Goddess, but I wasn't sure which tradition until I came across her card in Doreen Virtue's Goddess Oracle Cards deck today. While I've used this deck quite a bit, I've never pulled this card. I came across it while I was browsing the deck, looking for a different Goddess. I actually recognized this being from that vision. I recognized her appearance, but more importantly, I recognized her energy. From this energy, came this message:
Sige, Goddess of the silence
from whence came the Word.
The Womb that gave birth to the World. 
Mother of Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom.
Sige, Goddess of darkness from whence 
came the Light--Illumination. It was Good! 
The Light of Knowledge and Wisdom. 
From this dark soil grew the Tree of Life. 
This Darkness is the darkness of Yin. 
It is the Mother of Ten Thousand Things.
Sige, the source of all manifestation 
arising from the Silence of Meditation.
The Womb of Gestation.
The Stillness of Being.
Plant a seed in this rich soil. 
Tend it with awareness, still, silent awareness.
     "In the beginning God created
     the heavens and the earth. 
     The earth was formless and void,
     and darkness was over the surface of the deep,
     And the Spirit of God was moving over
     the surface of the waters.
     Then God said, “Let there be light”;
     and there was light. 
     God saw that the light was good;
     and God separated the light
     from the darkness. 
     God called the light day,
     and the darkness He called night.
     And there was evening
     and there was morning, one day."
                        ~Genesis 1: 1-5 (NASB)

Sige was the darkness over the surface of the deep. 
And Sige was the deep.
And Sige was the Spirit of God
moving over the deep. 
Then God/Tao/Sige said: "Let there be Light 
and duality was born from that one Word. 
From then on, there was no Light
without corresponding Darkness.
From the ONE came the 10,000 things, 
the many faces of Divinity,
the many manifestations of Eternity.
From the ONE came
the endless dualities of Existence.
All the nameless things gathered names
unto themselves from the stuff of words.
From every word that was spoken,
came the creation of a thing,
and the no-thing too. 
All the words gathered nameless things
unto themselves from the stuff of existence.
From Awareness came Existence. 
From the Word came the Things. 
What is a word before it is spoken? 
It is potential. 
"I think therefore I am?"
"I think therefore I speak.
I speak therefore I am."
Speaking brings forth manifestation. 
Before speaking begins, there is only Being. 
When Being becomes Conscious Awareness,
it becomes Potential. 
When Conscious Awareness becomes Potential,
it grows in power. 
When Conscious Awareness bursts forth into Speech, 
it becomes Creation and the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
The Tree of Life is Pure Potentiality. 
The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is Creation,
the result of Speaking.
Sige teaches us to embrace Silence
until Silence becomes Conscious Awareness
and Conscious Awareness becomes Creation.
Choose well what you speak
for in speaking, all Creation arises. 
Spend more time with Sige 
in Conscious Awareness. 
Embrace Silence before you begin to speak 
and unleash all manner of dualities 
upon Existence.

© 2014 Beth Mitchum
(with a quote from the New American Standard Bible)

 This is the image incorporated in Doreen Virtue's Goddess Oracle Cards.

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