Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gratitude Notes

I have been posting three things I'm grateful for each day on Facebook and I thought I'd share some of my favorite ones here. If you are so inclined, take a few moments at some point in your day to make note of three things for which you are grateful. It really does change the way the energy flows in your life. It's easier if you keep a record somewhere, either a gratitude journal or a blog or something. You could try posting them for a whole day at your computer so you can be reminded of those things as you move through your day. You can post them of Facebook the way I do and see what conversations they start. It's a good reminder for those around you too that a shift in consciousness is only a thought away.

Gratitude Notes:
1. We get a brand new start each day
2. Even a snail makes progress if it keeps moving.
3. Beauty is everywhere if you remove the critical spectacles. It truly is a matter of perspective.