Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gratitude Notes

Gratitude Notes:
1 I've already had a belly laugh this morning. 
2 I can wake up any given day and be at peace if it were my last one.
3 Prayer is easy. If you memorize only two words of prayer, make them "help" and "thanks."

My belly laugh was because of something I thought my housemate said. She looked at the
calendar and said "Welcome to the last day of July." Only she was facing away from me so I 
couldn't hear her very well, so what I thought she said was, "Welcome to the last day of your 
life." I not only thought it was hysterical that she'd be saying that, but it was perfectly okay with
me if it were true. Thus the early morning belly laugh. It took awhile for me to stop laughing 
enough to share with her why I was laughing. Even not knowing, my laughter had her in stitches
anyway. Welcome to my world!