Monday, August 4, 2014

Heroes Among Us

Heroes and superheroes do indeed walk among us, but they don't wear colorful spandex outfits (usually, anyway), but they do perform amazing acts of heroism. They can be found in the midst of us in schools, hospitals and clinics, playgrounds, at beaches. They are also found in the eyes of a friend who reaches out and says, "I won't let you go there alone" when it's time to face an abusive spouse or parent or some other party. They are also behind the fire hose that puts out the blaze and behind the badge that brings an end to the violence at hand. Heroes are everywhere. I'm willing to bet that every one of us knows several of them. I bet we even know more heroes than we know villains. If you know more villains than heroes, then either you are a hero being on hand when you are needed or you need one to help you get out of your environment. I hope that you will take a minute today and thank one of the heroes in your life. I have several in my life. I'm off to thank some of them now.