Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Power of Prayer/Love

Every day I read of FB friends and/or their families who are in need of healing or help of some kind. I believe in the power of prayer. No, we don't always get exactly what we think we want, but we always get what we need. While I have not yet reached the point where I am walking and standing tall, I know that I am getting there. Every day I pray for further healing and strengthening of my body. I admit that I have not been very patient with this process, but I do see and am grateful for all the advances. Even though I am still in this physical state, I continue to believe in the power of human beings to help each other through the challenging parts of our lives. I pray for each person who shares about a loved one or about their own struggles. I believe that all of our prayers help those who are prayed for. There is a healing/miraculous power in this universe. Call it God or whatever you will, but I believe there is a powerful being at work in this world. A being that heals, helps, and comforts us all in our times of difficulty. Even if you feel totally alone, help is within your reach. I know some of my friends don't believe as I do, and that's okay. I'm still here praying for any of you who reach out for help. If nothing else, Facebook can be a conduit for loving thoughts and words that can help lift up those who are feeling discouraged and defeated by sickness or other difficulties. Having said that, please know that love is the answer. Prayer is love energy put into words and sent out to those who need it. Namaste!