Book Reviews

More Paws Up for the The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Art of Purring by David Michie. 
Michie wrote another book featuring the adorable Himalayan cat of The Dalai Lama's Cat fame. It is equally charming and informative as the first one. We advance to some slightly more advanced Buddhist concepts without slipping into an overtly didactic mode. The charm of Rinpoche's (the cat) voice is maintained as the tales about the characters around her continues. In this story, her holiness the cat has to endure a prolonged absence from her beloved person. She discovers that her purr is not rising from inside as often as when his holiness is in residence. She has to look within and without to discover the source of her purring. When she does, she learns something about herself as well as learning something about the nature of life and the dharma of Buddha. 
Paws Up for The Dalai Lama's Cat by David Michie
 If I could borrow the paws in my own house, I'd put all of my cats' paws up in recommendation for the The Dalai Lama's Cat by David Michie. This charming novel is part fiction, part loving Buddhist teaching. If you're a cat lover, a Buddhist, or merely a reader with an open mind and heart, you're sure to love this tale about life in the Dalai Lama's residence as told from a feline perspective. It's a sweet story about a gentle, lovable, and teachable cat who finds herself in the unique position of living in the temple with his holiness himself. Imagine living in the presence of such tenderness and compassion. Treated with delightful cuisine and deeply spiritual teaching, this cat discovers that temple life is both perplexing and enlightening. I highly recommend it.
Doreen Virtue's Assertiveness for Earth Angels
 I haven't even finished reading this book, and I can already recommend it wholeheartedly. I admit that I've read nearly everything Doreen Virtue has written, but this is the best yet, and that is because how no nonsense and true it is. I've read plenty of articles, etc. on assertiveness, but nothing hits home quite as much as this. As an earth angel, you can sort of dance your way around the other helpful hints on assertiveness, but Doreen is clearly speaking from experience, and the angels are obviously guiding her on how to say things in a way that rips the excuses right out of our mouths. I can envision AA Michael laughing at this one and Gabriel nodding in agreement. It is helpful and humorous and heartfelt. I have gotten about halfway through it already, but I can't speed read it the way I read most books. It's like the angels are saying, take your time. YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE! I'm listening, angels. I'm listening. Thank you, Doreen, for listening to them urging you to write it
I did finish this book, although I had to take my time so the message could sink in as I went along. It was informative and helpful to the final paragraph. I'm planning to give it a few months and go back and read it over again. Once simply isn't enough to absorb all the good stuff. I have to say that I enjoyed the book all the way through to the end. There were new insights with every turn of the page. I highly recommend reading and rereading this book. 

Joan Z. Borysenko's 7 Paths to God
I enjoyed reading this slim book at bedtime. It was somewhat basic, but then I've read a lot of spiritual/metaphysical books over the years. I thought it was very good information and a confirmation and reiteration of information I already knew. I recommend it particularly for people who are interested in reading more but don't have time to read thick volumes on the subject. It was concise and well written.
 Maya Angelou's Even the Stars Look Lonesome

Although this is hardly a new book, like every other book I've ever read by Maya, it made me think and it made me smile. It's a combination of self-revealing tales and poetry that is sure to satisfy readers who want to read stories about this woman who has lived life to the fullest.

Doreen Virtue's The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael 

If you read her book, The Miracles of Archangel Michael, then you'll know what to expect: stories about the specific archangel involved.  This type of book is really good to read before bed I've found because they are comforting.  They are also good stories to read when you don't have time to get involved in any heavy thinking.  They are inspiring stories that are neither time nor attention intensive.  All of Doreen's books are good reads, but a number of them require you to pay closer attention to them because they are for the purpose of teaching you about the angels and their connections and benefits for us.  These books are more for inspiration and they meet that need perfectly without requiring you to think really hard or do any deep spiritual/emotional work. I also recently got the oracle cards of the same title and will review those too when I get a chance to work with them a little.  I use Doreen Virtue's oracle cards a lot since I am a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® through her training course.  I've already gotten a lot of interaction with the Archangel Michael cards and love those.    

The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives 

Was I was ever ready to read this book when I did. Although I haven't even begun to plumb the depths of the meditations included with the book because I received a complimentary digital galley copy from Hay House and, I have ordered the hard copy of the book so I can experience the meditations too. Having only read the text of the book itself, I have still gained a lot of insight and guidance on my current quest towards emotional healing. Even without exploring the past life information from this work, I have already been irrevocably changed by what I read about healing issues in general that can get lodged in our eternal consciousness. 

The information in the book was thought provoking enough for me to ask my psyche to take me to a time in my life that I knew had lodged in my eternal consciousness and had wreaked havoc on my career, finances, and love relationships. That night I experienced that situation in a dream. It was life changing to say the least to recall the event vividly so I could see and feel firsthand why it had been so damaging to my sense of security and self-esteem. It wasn't that I had repressed the information at the time, it was that I was only six months old at the time. The event rocked my world at that time and has had a negative impact on me for over fifty years. Having become more conscious of the reasons I was impacted so strongly,  I am actively seeking not only to disconnect my energy to that moment in time and the message I received on a bodily and emotional level, but I have also set myself on the path to healing that deep psychological wound. So you may ask, "Is it worth it to purchase the book since I've read it already?" Oh, yes, it is indeed. It probably saved me hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in psychotherapy already. How much more will it save me in past-life regression therapy? It's a small book. It's worth reading and it's worth reading again and again.