Call for Submissions for Accounts of Personal Miracles and Angel Visits

Mystic Angel Healing is interested in publishing a collection of personal miracles, big and small, that have happened to you and/or your family members. Everyone involved in the story will have to grant permission for the story to be published. Stories already in PDF or MS Word format can be sent as attachments or you can send them in the body of an email if you use another word processing program.

Mystic Angel Healing is also interested in publishing a collection of accounts of people finding white feathers that were a sign from the angels. Anyone with a story to tell, send an email to for more info. Stories already in PDF or MS Word format can be sent as attachments or you can send them in the body of an email if you use another word processing program.

Your stories can be up to 5000 words. There is a word count tool at the very bottom of this page if you're unfamiliar with how to track that. Deadline for submissions is ongoing until enough stories are collected to fill a book..
Thank you!


Benefits of Inclusion is these publications

In addition to bragging rights for being published, inclusion in these volumes gains you 3 free copies of the publication for your personal or commercial use. Plus you can purchase unlimited quantities of the publication at 50% off the retail price for use for your fundraiser or personal financial gain. We ask only that you NEVER sell new copies of the book for less than 60% of the retail cost because that would drive the price down and harm others trying to make a profit from sale of their copies.  We'd prefer that you sell it for no less than 75% off the cover price. The income potential is unlimited if you are good at marketing (i.e., running your mouth about your part of the book). UltraVioletLove Publishing will advertise the books at all of its associated websites and will include names of all contributor, unless they request anonymity or the use of a pseudonym. 

Your submitted work is not guaranteed to be included and is subject to editing for grammar, syntax, etc. Any changes will be limited to ensuring the quality of the publication and will not pertain to content. Changes that are made will be sent to you electronically for your perusal and approval. Any corrected submissions not returned before the publishing deadlines given to you will be subject to withdrawal from inclusion to the final publication.  Submissions will not be returned, so please save a copy of your electronic submission and keep it on file for your own use. You retain all rights to your work and may reprint and republish them at will. We ask only for the right to publish your work in this book. If you decide to withdraw that permission, we will remove your contribution from future printings, although we can't guarantee that copies with your submission included will no longer be sold because of existing copies on the market.

Deadline for Finding Feathers is ongoing. As one anthology is filled, we'll begin taking submissions for the next one.

Thank you.