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Merlin says:

Everything you need, you already have.  You came here fully equipped, bags packed for the journey.  You already know who you are and why you are here.  Look inside, if the answer isn’t obvious, ask yourself, “Where are there imbalances in my life that need to be corrected?”  Pray and meditate paying close attention to the answers you receive to your question and then follow through on making the corrections to achieve your balance.

Once you set a course of action for a clear intention, follow where Spirit leads you by the signs and omens left for you.  You can always pause and ask for directions and help along the way.

Angel Therapy - Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are always surrounded by loving angels.  Both guardians and guides.  They are patient and courteous.  They never judge or interfere with our free will.  They want us to be at peace.  The Archangel Raphael reminds us today to ask our angels to take our cares and worries from us.  See yourself placing them into Raphael's hands, no matter how big or small.  Raphael will wrap them carefully and lovingly with his healing green light just like a package to be shipped to God for repair.

You only have to do 3 things:

1) Ask for help, they want to help us but they first need our permission to do so,
2) Let go, you have to completely let go of it, if you keep even one finger on it, it will stay, and
3) Allow God to take care of it in the beautiful and miraculous way that only God can.

Your heart and mind will instantly feel lighter, that cloud over your head will disappear allowing you to shine bright once again.  Your light is your piece of heaven here on earth.  Now then, let's go light up the world.

Finding Your Soul Mate

Today's inspiration comes from Aengus, a Celtic god whose mastery is connecting people with a soul mate.  On the other side you have an eternal twin flame "born" with you at the moment of your creation by God.  It is not often that twin flames incarnate together, one usually stays behind to help guide the other.  On this side we can and do have soul mates contracted to meet, fall in love and form partnerships.  These relationships are not always about wine and roses, they generally are more about spiritual growth than companionship.  Even so, these relationships are quite intense and enable you to reach greater heights of love and light.

To connect with a soul mate, you must follow your higher self guidance, be willing to grow both personally and spiritually and have patience with Divine timing. Call on Aengus to help you find and develop a harmonious relationship with your soul mate.
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