Spiritual Protection

Lessons from Lao Ma and the Xenaverse

I have to confess to having been a fairly serious fan of Xena and all the characters from the Xenaverse, particularly Lao Ma, who was married to Lao Tzu (as far as revisionist Xenaverse history goes anyway). See http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lao_Ma for the full back story. In the episodes, "Debt I" and "Debt II," Lao Ma was married to a cruel ruler, although in Chinese history, Lao Tzu was a gentle philosopher/archivist. See http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laozi for the theories of who Lao Tzu was traditionally. He is considered by most to have been the author of the enduringly enigmatic Taoist text, Tao Te Ching, a concise text on how to live according to "the Way of Virtue." The legends behind this character are no less colorful than the ones you come across in the Xenaverse, so suffice it to say the creators of the Xenaverse were no more or less creative with historical facts than Chinese legends have been over the millennia. In an interesting feminist twist of revisionist history, we learn that in the Xenaverse, it is actually Lao Ma who penned the text that made her cruel husband a revered teacher of Chinese philosophy. She left this treatise in his name as a way to change how the centuries that followed viewed her tyrannical husband. This is, of course, fiction Xena style.

Anyway, at the time when I was enjoying the stories about Lao Ma and Xena, I was particularly enamored of Lao Ma's power to battle evil. I recall harboring a secret desire to be able to do battle that way. Not that I'd ever had any real reason to do this in my much more calm and reasonable life. Still, the draw to the magical aspect of life that enables a person to extend a hand and send his/her opponent across the room was intriguing to me because of the amount of focused energy it required. Only recently has that kind of power been brought to my attention again while I was watching a video about the power of chi in a Qi Gong master. Seeing this video made a very important piece of information fall into place in my brain. There actually are people who are powerful enough to knock people off their feet with only their energy, their chi. This can be done even from a distance. A Qi Gong master does it to teach students and to help them to direct their chi. They do it without hurting anyone. Other people use this power to harm and harass their perceived enemies.

Without elaborating enough to scare the bejeebers out of you and/or cause you to doubt my sanity more than you already do, suffice it to say that in the past couple of years I've been the unwitting target of a major psychic attack. While I realized that something was going on, I didn't have a clue how in depth and prolonged the assault had been. At the time it began,  I was already dealing with a few health issues that centered mainly around an old back injury that had troubled me for years. I was also dealing with some interesting physical issues that sometimes accompany the perimenopausal years. These "legitimate" physical challenges became entry points for the attacker, because they were recognized as the weaknesses they were in my physical, and, apparently, auric being. Because I'd already been dealing with them for a while, it took some time and outside research for me to untangle the physical challenges I was still dealing with from the interference of the dark magic that had been sent subtly my way for over a year. I guess I should be grateful that a certain someone wished to be acknowledged as the energy behind the attacks, because in getting more overt, it got my attention, and I realized just how much of what was going on physically in my body had been made worse by this interference.

Not wishing to glorify the bullying attacks of a person of questionable moral character, let me just summarize this by saying that I have been the recipient several times of the type of blasting energy that can literally knock a person off their feet, if they aren't ready for it. Once I figured out that a person was actually behind it, it made it easier to maneuver around the blast. Having been awakened by such a blast to my solar plexus last night, I admit to being pretty frustrated by the fact that my rather elaborate angelic protections hadn't successfully blocked it throughout the night. Indeed I had gotten only a few hours of sleep before the attacker got through all my defenses, and I was awakened from my slumber. I knew that the answer to this lay with me, but I still felt rather peeved with the angels for not simply stopping it. They assured me that it had reached me to teach me. As I sat there in my bed in the middle of the night being painfully honest about how I felt about the whole situation, I blew out the excess energy in my body rather forcefully, sending it out of my body and into the space around me. Realizing that I didn't want that undirected energy around my cats, I started redirecting all the energy so recently blasted into me into energy directed outwardly into the universe purposefully to bring healing to those who need it.

It was then that I realized what a gift those blasts of energy were to me and the entire world around me. Even though one might be tempted to view that energy as negative, the energy itself is just that, energy. Neither negative nor positive. The intention sent behind the blast was no doubt negative, but the energy itself was not. So once I removed the hateful intentions behind the energy, I simply redirected the energy outward with love to the world around me. Imagine if we could all learn how to take all those moments in time when others purposefully or unconsciously send energy our way in a fit of rage or malice and turn them into something good. If we could all learn to remove the gift tags from those blasts of energy, and simply re-gift the energy to someone in need of healing, we could turn such curses into blessings. Give the negative intentions behind the blasts to the angels to take to the light, but bless the energy and send it to someone who needs it. If the situation calls for it, you can follow Jesus' teachings to "bless those who curse you." In the case of someone who is actively and purposefully blasting you, I recommend sending love in return, but sending the energy in the form of healing out into the world. It will not only help others, but it will also help you when it comes back karmically to you in the form of healing and a blessing, which is most likely quite the opposite of what the attacker meant for you to receive.

The gift behind the attacks on my health have been allowed for the purpose of forcing me to deep more deeply into the spiritual healing I know already I can access. It has been allowed so I will be greatly motivated to focus on healing myself for a change, instead of always sending love, light, and healing energy outwardly to other. I keep getting the message from on high, "Healer, heal thyself." Even though I have never given birth, I too have that instinctual maternal and protective nature that wants to heal the world and forgets that I can't heal the world, if I don't take care of myself first. This takes me back to the safety message of the airline attendants to place the oxygen mask first over your own face and adjust it before attepting to help someone else with theirs. If you're helping someone else, then you're not paying attention to what's happening in your own body. Get yourself situated before you help others. So now I am focused on my own health and healing. While I can still help to heal others, I have to heal myself first. If I allow my own health to go downhill because I'm caring for others, I will only become a burden to others. That is backwards. So now I'm focusing on my own health and self care first before I help others. I'm using the lessons from the attacks on my health to teach me and strengthen me. 

In martial arts, you learn how to use your attacker's energy in a way that deflects it away from you without actually returning the attack in kind. You use the momentum of the kick or punch aimed at you to assist your attacker to have a close encounter with the floor rather than your face. The goal is to practice good self-defense methods and those methods start before the first blow is struck.  So I'm thanking this attacker for reminding me not to resist and not to retaliate, but to use the energy of the attack to move the attacker out of my energy field without causing any harm to myself or them. Disarming your attacker is always better than meeting force with force in a head-on confrontation. Anger drives you to fight back, exchanging blow for blow, whereas true inner power allows you to send the attacker packing without striking even one blow. As you'll find in a study of martial arts, the real goal is to be so strong inwardly that you never have to fight anyone. When you put it in your auric field that you are quite capable of successfully beating any wouldbe attackers, it is less likely that you will be attacked in the first place. What is true physically is also true energetically. Shore up your auric field, heal your own psyche, and you're much less likely to be attacked at all.

In case you're interested in what I did that so annoyed this person into wishing me ill will, let me assure you that all I was doing was helping a friend in need. But by doing so, I was thwarting her wishes by sending light and love to the original person she was attacking. I was helping that friend  to figure out what was going on and how to defend herself against it. Together we ended up launching on a crash course in the Defense of the Dark Arts a la Harry Potter. While we've had a good many laughs about it, it has been anything but funny. We have learned a lot even though it hadn't been our intention to sign up for that class. We had been studying angels and learning how to get a better grip on our psychic gifts. I have to say that even though this has been a tough and oftentimes unpleasant class on defending ourselves against psychic attack, we have learned more about the angels and the gifts they have for us, and we have both strengthened our psychic senses to a degree neither of us was expecting. We've also learned the power of sisterhood through this, since other women who had been assisting us along the way were drawn into the assault as well. We are all learning together more about psychic self defense, as well as more about the benefits of crystals and other alternative healing and protective avenues. We are gaining in knowledge and strength daily. For this and for all the lessons, I am grateful. If I hadn't been attacked in the first place, my learning would have continued, but at a much slower pace. Apparently, with all that is going on in the universe at present, I no longer have the luxury of taking my time in learning and honing new skills. It's clearly time for light workers to get to work. I can't say that I hadn't been warned either, given the number of times I've gotten the 999 and 99 messages from the angels, which is essentially, "Get to work, light workers!"* Now I've passed that message onto you as well, so what are you waiting for? Get to work! There's a world out there in need of an army of prepared and protected light workers.

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